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This project is an extension to the Java integrated development environment BlueJ. It can show you a class-card (UML-Display of a class).
This project was initialiced as part of the school-book Informatik - Bayern 10 - Gymnasium of DUDEN PAETEC Schulbuchverlag (ISBN: 978-3-8355-6002-4) and is didactically supported by the department "Didactics of Computer Science" at Passau University.
You may use and distribute this extension for school purposes.

icon  Screenshots:                
Class card Signature view Simple preferences BlueJ Show method comments

icon  Download:                

Here you can download the recent version for BlueJ ≥ 5.0 [26.02.2021].

Here you can download the recent version for BlueJ < 5.0 [16.09.2018].


Here you can download the manual for this extension: Adobe PDF Logo[Handbuch] (Sorry, only in german by now!)
By now, a short manual of the userinterface is available here: manual.

icon  Changelog:                 

  • Added Version for BlueJ 5.0 and higher
  • Corrected some errors regarding the display of parameternames of constructors
  • Set class-card to the front.
  • Compatible with BlueJ 4.0.0 and 4.0.1.
  • Resolve parameternames for interface-typs.
  • Background gradient like BlueJ.
  • Full UTF8 Symbol support.
  • Visibility-Icons can be turned to Grayscale.
  • Scale visibility-Icon in UML-View by fontsize.
  • Removed translation-error in english languagefile.
  • Copy method-name to clipboard by clicking with the right mouse-key.
  • Lexicographic sorting of the attributes and methods.
  • Catch additional exception if .ctxt-File is missing.
  • French language file added.
  • Small changes.
  • Parameternames in UML Syntax. Thanks Pierre.
  • New: Signature view like the original UMLExtension
  • ...

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Please email bug-reports and comments to email.

icon  Credits:                  

Responsible for this project and the website: Michael Steinhuber, Rörerstraße 24a, 94469 Deggendorf, Germany, email.

All rights reserved © Michael Steinhuber (University of Passau) 2007 - 2021